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VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: New Movements and New Theories in India
Gail Omvedt

Rs 35 Pb 1990
Feminism is a concept that is almost always misunderstood. Charged with being an “imported” “western” idea, it is considered to be irrelevant for women in South Asia. Why is this so? Why are feminists considered to be rebels? Who are feminists, to begin with? This classic basic text answers the most commonly asked questions on feminism.  
In spite of its successful opposition to individual cases of bride-burning, dowry-death, wife-beating, rape and other associated atrocities against women, feminist organisations in India have by and large failed to provide any rigorous theoretical framework within which ‘the social structuring and causes of violence against women’ can be analysed. The usual thought pattern shaping the strategies and tactics of women activists in India has been unable to free itself from the clutches of ‘traditional Marxism’ and ‘radical feminism’. In this illuminating attempt to overcome such conceptual anomalies Gail Omvedt tackles the subject in her thought-provoking pamphlet.
-- Frontier
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