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Interior Decoration: Poems by 54 Women from 10 Languages
A poetry anthology of this kind, marks a very gratifying turn; especially since such ventures are too few and far between ... Interior Decoration illumines many significant concerns in women's poetry in Indian languages from the 1970s through to the 1990s.
—Biblio, July-August, 2010
Piercing but nuanced, smooth and graceful, the women's words sharpen into swords, fencing with everyday life. Some fight, some play. It's life full circle. This is an offering that should make it to every woman's shelf Let "Interior Decoration" be the first of a thousand elaborate designs by Indian women.
— Times of India, July 2010
This volume brings together a galaxy of poets from across the geographical and linguistic spread of the country. Each one of them, well-known or lesser-known, is a maverick. What sets this anthology apart from similar earlier anthologies based on the unifying principle of gender is that here, for the first time, we have works by 'contemporary' women poets in many different languages in English translation It is a delightful volume where each and every person is carefully chosen and presented in lucid translation (it is here that the editors deserve the maximum praise).
—The Book Review, October 2010
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