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Making a Difference
A landmark event in feminist publishing,Making a Difference affords a rare opportunity for women's experience and ideas to flow from India to the West. These memoirs leave readers with the sense that we inherit a war against women that continues every day; that both men and women have been and are its perpetrators; the social problems caused by women's devaluation are burgeoning.
Shauna Singh Baldwin
These memoirs are, an index of the times. They spark off charged moments of connection and difference. They present self and culture, and self and politics as a delicate balancing act. They draw on multiple form—journalism, photography, diarizing, literary criticism, social science and history - to capture and convey the voices and memoirs of a renowned group of women. By doing so they validate the women and their movement, and what and how they say about the act of making history.
— Economic & Political Weekly
What is particularly exciting about this volume is that it marks the contributors' initiation into activism and traces the relevance of feminist concerns to their existence. And the gains have been tremendous.
— The Tribune, October, 2011
In this book, those direct, conversational narratives start speaking to you, devoid of academic jargon, their different voices amalgamating the major strands of the women's movement through the fervent 1970s and 80s.
— Hindustan Times, September, 2011
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