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Gender & Caste
“This book’s triumph lies in the scale of its view on the relationship between gender and caste and the politics of indifference…[It] is a unique resource…piecing together the contradictions and dilemmas of caste politics and underlining the need for an awareness about the invisible caste inequality in mainstream Indian feminism…[The book is] a satisfying reward…an archive of facts [that] puts together all that we know and all that we ought to know.”
—The Hindu; October 2003
“The editor’s choice of an ongoing new political assertion by dalit women as the central focus for this book is one of its strengths. It charges the relation between gender and caste in Indian society with an actuality in terms of linking a self-conceptualisation of their situation by dalit women with broader political concerns of democracy and representation.”
—Himal; January 2004
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